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Learning is a long way to go... and there is no end.

Me & My Son (2018)

Ada Augusta, our lovely pet !

It's All About My Story

I Have Been A Passionate Computer Obsessed... so, and today, also.

I was born in the last century, in 1954, October 6. in the village named Erdevik, situated in Srem, which is part of the  province Vojvodina, country Serbia.
(*a country of absurdity 😁 which people often confuse with Siberia, but Serbia is a former republic of Yugoslavia, and I feel like a Yugoslav)

I have lived and worked since 1969. in Novi Sad, the capital of the province of Vojvodina.

I graduated from the Gymnasium “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj“, Novi Sad, then I graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Tourism, Novi Sad, and then  IT Academy, Web & Graphic design and multimedia.

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By nature I am optimistic, cheerful and open minded.
I like to work at night, sleep until noon and walk my pet Ada.
I like TV series where there is no violence, I don’t need that kind of adrenaline, but I like, for example, detective stories like Mr. Poirot and all the stories of Agatha Christie. I like to read, but I have dozens of books that I read at the same time and I suffer that I can’t read them all at once 😃.
At the moment, books from Harari, Snowden, Goleman are next to me. (Ephraim Kishon, I like good jokes, is also there.)

In short::
Very proud Theodor’s mother.
(Why proud: he graduated from Ryerson University, with an excellent grade, worked 3 years part-time at The Math Guru, and today works at RoseRocket, Software Engineer.)

I have been an IT teacher since 1995. and The founder of the First Summer Computer Camp for Children in Serbia, which is no. 1 in Europe, EST 2007.


My Awesome Son and lovely Dog

My Son Theodor - My Star

24th birthday

Ada Augusta Charlotte Grazia
Nick Names: Eida, Eidosava, Frcokla…

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#What a Wonderful Day#

My Favorite Book

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My favorite singer - my son, of course.

Ada Augusta Charlotte Grazia(Ejda) My Lovely Smart Pet

The story of a project that my son and me realized and that lasted 12 years in Serbia:
The Summer Computer Camp for Children, known as Comp Camp.
The camp was an educational category,
in the field of informatics and game design.
The camp was an educational category of the informal type, in the field of informatics and game design. The socialization of children aged 7 to 17 was at a high level in the work of the camp.

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