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Me & My Son (2018)

Ada Augusta, our lovely pet !

It's All About My Story

I Have Been A Passionate Computer Obsessed... so, and today, also.

I was born in the last century, in 1954, October 6. in the village named Erdevik, situated in Srem, which is part of theĀ  province Vojvodina, country Serbia.
(* a country of absurdity šŸ˜ )

I have lived and worked since 1969. in Novi Sad, the capital of the province of Vojvodina.

I graduated from the Gymnasium “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”, Novi Sad, then I graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Tourism, Novi Sad, and thenĀ  IT Academy, Web & Graphic design and multimedia.

By nature I am optimistic, cheerful and open minded.
I like to work at night, sleep until noon and walk my pet Ada.
I like TV series where there are no dead, for example detective stories like Mr Poirot, I like to read, but I have dozens of books that I read at the same time and I can’t read them at all.
At the moment, Harari, Snowden, Goleman are next to me.
I like good jokes, too.

Proud mother,Ā  IT Teacher,Ā  The founder of the first summer computer camp for children in Serbia, which is no. 1 in Europe, EST 2007.

I am a pensioner for the fifth year, who worked 18/24 hours as a satisfied freelancer on Fiverr andĀ  Online IT tutor.
*Note: I don’t like internet social networks, sometimes I look at Twitter, very rarely facebook, Instagram once a year, I don’t have any account for others that exists and I only use the Signal app for chat and video calling.


My Awesome Son and lovely Dog

My Son Theodor - My Star

24th birthday

Ada Augusta Charlotte Grazia
Nick Names: Eida, Idosava, Frcokla…

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#What a Wonderful Day#

My Favorite Book


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Ada Augusta Charlotte Grazia(Ejda)

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